Channeling my Inner Diego Rivera

Having an opportunity to give an organization a facelift, to rebrand the way it is viewed by the outside world is a joy—especially when the results are overwhelmingly received in a favorable manner. This has certainly been the case with the work I've completed at the beginning of this year rendering two murals (16 x 6 feet each) for a highly regarded international NGO, Free the Slaves. While crafting these two pieces (in Photoshop), it was essentially vital to cascade the completed theme throughout a range of visual communications and campaign related material (i.e. e-marketing initiatives, print and digital collateral, website redesign and internal communications). I had an abundance of high-quality photography to consider—which further motivated me to develop something uniquely original and to communicate the mission and goal of the client. In order to successfully complete this project, it was necessary to channel my inner Diego Rivera (the famous muralist/painter). Below are two images showing the murals in action. Click here to view detailed versions of the murals, and click here and here to view additional examples of these murals in action.