The Death of "Old School" Illustration

I was last commissioned to create an editorial illustration in 2008 (see illustration below)--during the waning months of the Bush administration. In fact, it's been awhile since anyone has solicited me for renderings to run in magazines or publication spreads of any type. Certainly I'm bit rusty in that regard, and like most designers and illustrators I've transitioned from print to digital based production--trading in our mechanicals pens in for the Creative Cloud. These days, most publications are operating exclusively online and typically employ various forms of stock photography to run with a given article. Some would argue that information graphics have replaced traditional illustration in supporting editorials, but I personally view these offerings as nothing more than tricked out image icons.

Yes, it's true that I am an often uninspired contributor to the digital design revolution. Nevertheless, I can and will knock off the dust from my mechanical pencils and graphite sticks to answer the call of any editor interested in including an "old school" illustration with his or her narrative.

Editorial Illustration for Howard Magazine Article